Mascot-Ears are specialists in the manufacture of mascots, character costumes (used as marketing tools for products in advertising), road shows (to schools and consumer venues), puppets and human caricatures.

Althea Oelofse and her professional group of manufacturers can help you design from scratch by using a highly skilled animator or just reproduce your own design to absolute detail with all the guidelines you’ll need to turn it into a successful marketing tool.

With our background firmly grounded in model building and puppet making since 1996 the character costumes built in our studio are of the highest quality available.

Extensive research for the best materials and design goes into each and every new mascot to assure maximum comfort as well as durability. We offer a one year warrantee and 24/7 after care service for all repairs and emergency replacements, should they occur. (South African clients only)

Our aim is to have happy clients with huge success in their endeavours to either sell their products or bring their important messages across with fun and laughter!!

We have the means to fulfil the dream!